Let me as a wedding photographer Mallorca capture your unique moments

My greatest passion as a wedding photographer in Mallorca are pictures that tell real and touching stories for you.

I create memories for a lifetime.

Over the years as a wedding photographer in Mallorca, I have learned to be present in every situation and to create your personal memories.

Whether it is the beautiful old town of Palma and its immediate surroundings, the beautiful beaches, the old castles or a romantic finca in the countryside - there are a multitude of possibilities to capture your wedding in Mallorca in a lively and creative way.

I am aware of my responsibility on this special day and want you to enjoy the pictures for a lifetime.

Authentic wedding photos

My style as a wedding photographer Mallorca

As a wedding photographer in Mallorca, I have developed a style through my experience that allows me to blend in with your celebration.

So, in my experience, the best and most natural shots for you.

When you can just be yourself and enjoy your celebration. I will be with you without being conspicuous or giving instructions for posed shots.

I can participate in the event without imposing myself and capture the small and emotional moments.

The most beautiful and often the most emotional shots were taken just like that - without any predetermined instructions.

My style is to capture you and your loved ones and their emotions as unadulterated and natural as possible.

This is especially fun in the context as a wedding photographer Mallorca.

The modern wedding photography

The style of modern wedding photography today is more like reportage.

My images tell the story of your wedding and reflect the day with all its defining moments.

Everything should be captured as it was.

The photographer rarely gets involved.

I will create a collection of beautiful moments for you.

In modern wedding photography, I do not use a lot of classically staged portraits, as it may have been common years ago.

As a wedding photographer Mallorca, I like to adapt to this situation, as it makes the process much more emotional and spontaneous.

As a wedding photographer Mallorca, I prefer to be with you throughout the day, from the styling and dressing in the morning to the celebration in the evening. This way I can capture many small precious details of your story.

It's all about your emotions

My working method as a wedding photographer

Your pictures are still professionally edited by me afterwards to get everything out of them.

It depends both on the right moment in which the picture was taken, as well as the subsequent processing.

This editing with Photoshop is an essential part as a wedding photographer Mallorca.

This is the only way to create beautiful and unforgettable photographs.

My personal style of editing is also reflected in my pictures.

I describe my photo style as light, noble and classic.

My subsequent editing concerns the color mood, contrasts and image detail.

My motto as a wedding photographer Mallorca is always:

As natural as possible.

The first step for something magical

My vision as a wedding photographer Mallorca is to create memories for life.

My reportages are authentic, vivid, varied and show the emotions that make your day special and unique.

It is your very special day and therefore you should be happy with everything that contributes to its success and uniqueness.

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If all this sounds interesting to you, I would be very happy if you contact me to discuss further details.

As a wedding photographer in Mallorca, I look forward to getting to know you and your very personal romantic story and memories.

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Forever begins today