Southern California wedding photographer - let me capture your most beautiful moments

I am Maleen, a wedding photographer in Southern California and I am looking forward to your adventure.
Capturing love stories is always something special for me.
There are so many emotional moments between you, your family and the loved ones which I am looking forward to capturing for a lifetime.
Southern California lives from its magical places, coves, forests, hills, and beaches.
As a wedding photographer in Southern California, I just love the magical light with its beautiful squares and I am blessed to work here.

Get to know my style as a Southern California wedding photographer

As a wedding photographer in Southern California, I pay attention to the many small details on your wedding and capture the right moments.
I just love and live my job as a wedding photographer to capture all the laughs, tears, hugs, kisses and the beautiful moments between.

I have developed my style in such a way that I am present, but not intrusive.
As a California wedding photographer, I work with natural light, each time brings unique lighting conditions and creates their own powerful atmosphere.

It's the interaction between the right moment of the photo taken and post-production to create memorabilia. Each photo is professionally edited by me to get the most out of it.
This process is an essential part, my credo is always: as natural as possible.
As you can see in the photo collection - here it goes to the documentary - my style as a wedding photographer in Southern California can be described romantically playful.

WeddingcoupleshootinginLA WeddingcoupleshootinginLA
The wedding story
A modern wedding story is not anymore a classical photo shooting with unnatural poses, it becomes a story. The story is about you and reflects your big day. It reproduces all the beautiful moments, laughing, crying, hugging; from getting ready, the ceremony, reception to the big party. All emotions are captured by me.
Wedding Photography Southern California: From Santa Barba to San Diego and Palm Springs

There are so many beautiful different places for me as a wedding photographer in Southern California to capture your happiness.
The beautiful beaches of San Diego with its cliffs, the beautiful city of Santa Barbara, or the magnificent desert atmosphere in Palm Springs.

Southern California offers everything in a small area for romantic wedding photos.
It often pays off to drive away from the actual wedding party for the shoot to go to a different setting.