Wedding Photographer Majorca – let me capture your most precious moments

I am Maleen, wedding photographer on Majorca, and I am very happy that you have found your way to my website.
To capture the bond between two people in love is something new and special to me every single time.
I live and love the artistic part of accompanying your festivities as a wedding photographer on Majorca.
A wedding offers so many emotional moments between you, your family and your most beloved around you that I want to capture photographically.

The island of Majorca is alive with its magical locations, bays, forests, hills, and beaches.
As Wedding Photographer Majorca I love the enchanting light and the beautiful locations and enjoy working here every time.

My style as a wedding photographer on Majorca

As a wedding photographer, I have developed a good sense for capturing the right moments and paying attention to the many little details of your wedding.
I have developed my style in such a way that I am present, but not intrusive.
As a wedding photographer, I work with natural light, every time of the day has its own unique lighting conditions and creates its own atmosphere.
It is the interaction between the right moment of capture and the post-production that creates the most beautiful memories.
Every single picture will be professionally edited by me to bring out the best in them.
This process is an essential part for me, and my credo is: As natural as possible.
As you can see on the photos – click here for the documentary – my style as Wedding Photographer Majorca can be described as playful and romantic.

The modern wedding documentary
A wedding documentary is not a classic photo shoot with practiced and unnatural poses, but more like a story. The pictures are a reflection of you and your big day. They recreate the numerous beautiful moments, the laughter, crying, embraces, from the getting ready to the ceremony, the champagne reception and finally the big party.

“To me, photography is not just an image. It is a symbol for a special moment, it is a memory to cherish all your life.”

A wedding documentary on Majorca recreates the numerous beautiful moments, the laughter, crying, embraces, from the getting ready to the ceremony, the champagne reception and finally the big party.
You should not act but be true to yourself after all your big day is first and foremost supposed to be enjoyed by you.

All emotions will be captured by me as Photographer Majorca and I will create an authentic memory for you.

Wedding Photography Majorca: From Palma to Arta

There are many beautiful and different locations for me as a wedding photographer to capture your bliss.
The lovely historic city of Palma with its pretty street corners, enchanting fincas in the inland, the rough coast of Arta, charming villages and delightful old churches. Majorca offers every opportunity for romantic wedding pictures in a localized manner.
It is often recommendable to drive out for a shooting before the actual wedding day to visit another location. It is a big plus that Majorca allows you to get from one point to another rather quickly.

"Art is to capture emotions in all their diversity."

How to proceed – booking
I would be very happy to accompany you as a wedding photographer on Majorca, surrounded by olive trees, hills, and beaches.
The most important step is to talk about your ideas and wishes beforehand.
I have accompanied many couples on the island and I have even lived there for a time.
Here you can learn more about my working methods as a wedding photographer and also look at wedding documentaries.
I am looking forward to hearing from you.