I am Maleen, your dedicated Ibiza wedding photographer, ready to transform your special day into an unforgettable visual masterpiece on this mesmerizing Mediterranean island.

When it comes to Ibiza wedding photography, I'm your go-to expert. I'm passionate about capturing the magic of your wedding day in Ibiza, creating lasting memories that will be treasured for a lifetime. My approach is all about authenticity and emotion, ensuring that every moment is beautifully preserved.

Ibiza, with its stunning landscapes and unique atmosphere, provides the perfect backdrop for your wedding photos. Whether you choose to exchange vows in a traditional farm, celebrate in a classic hotel, or embrace the natural beauty of Ibiza's beaches, I have the expertise to capture the essence of your special day.

As an experienced Ibiza wedding photographer, I understand the intricacies of this incredible island and its many enchanting locations. Let's embark on a journey together to explore the most picturesque spots Ibiza has to offer, all while documenting your love story through the lens.

Ibiza wedding adventure




Let me create as a Ibiza wedding photographer your wedding memories

A wedding documentary is about capturing your wedding as it happens, without interruptions.
Let me create your lifetime memories as a Ibiza wedding photographer because images will last a lifetime, there are memory keepers.

I will be there from the start of your big day. When you are getting ready with your closest friends and family. When your dad comes through the door and sees his beautiful daughter for the first time.

I will be there and during the ceremony when you see your love for the first time and looking each other directly in the eyes. I will capture your first kiss, the hugs, the tears, and the wedding dance.

In a wedding documentary, it is about capturing the moments between. As a Ibiza wedding photographer, I go after these moments that appeal to me intuitively, from my inside.

What makes Ibiza special for weddings?

First, the weather is just perfect for weddings in Ibiza. It has consistently sunny and warm weather year-round.
So you have perfect warm weather between April till November.
Another argument why I love Ibiza as a wedding photographer is, that everything is so close by.
The beaches and small towns are so beautiful.

Here you will find wonderful mountain views, great palms, rocks, flowers to capture your wedding uniquely.
I would love to be your storyteller at your wedding in Ibiza.

Let us connect, let me be your Ibiza wedding photographer

I am eager to get your ideas and hear your visions for your wedding in Ibiza. My photo style is relaxed and natural. I love to work with the beautiful natural light in Ibiza, the sunrises and sunsets are spectacular.

The aim of our work is to catch love and emotions that you can feel the magic.

Ibiza Weddings

Every wedding is unique and I want to capture your special day as vividly and authentically as possible. Presenting my photos, the customers and getting to know their joy and happiness is the best feeling you can imagine.

Here you can get an idea, how I work as a wedding photographer in Ibiza.
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Here you can see some work of me: Wedding documentary